Jennifer James Wright

art director, designer, texan in oregon


Identity & LP Packaging


Jennifer James Wright Ormonde HometapesJennifer James Wright Ormonde Hometapesormonde_03_jenniferwrightormonde_02_jenniferwrightJennifer James Wright Ormonde Hometapesormonde_05_jenniferwrightJennifer James Wright Ormonde Hometapesormonde_04_jenniferwrightJennifer James Wright Ormonde Hometapesormonde_10_jenniferwrightormonde_09_jenniferwright

In 2009 Anna-Lynne Williams and Robert Gomez headed to the small West Texas town of Marfa to write and record their first full-length album under the name Ormonde. They set up recording gear in a small adobe structure and left a month later with what eventually became Machine. I worked with their record label, Hometapes, to brand and design the album for Ormonde. Nothing beats designing for great music, especially great music born in Texas. Read more about the album >